Interviews with coal market leaders

Otacilio Peçanha, Director, Negotiare Consultores

Published May 2017


Coaltrans Conferences (CC): How strong is the Brazilian steel industry these days? 


Otacilio Peçanha (OP): Coal-based steel industry in Brazil faces tough competition with foreign steel, especially Chinese. National currency (Real) appreciation is another issue that the industry has to take into consideration. 

Consolidation in the coal-based steel industry in Brazil has not happened to a reasonable degree yet and…

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Vishal Thiruvedula, Senior Analyst - Supply Chain & Commodities Research, Thomson Reuters

Published April 2017


Coaltrans Conferences (CC): What are the major changes to coal trade flows that we’re seeing at the moment? 


Vishal Thiruvedula (VT): The disruptions caused by cyclone Debbie to the rail infrastructure in Queensland that resulted in a supply loss of over 15 Million Tonnes increased coking coal shipments from United States. 


In H2-2016 we noticed an uptick in Colombian coal…

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Heru Dewanto, President Director, Cirebon Power

Published March 2017


Coaltrans Conferences (CC): Please can you introduce yourself, your company, and your role?


Heru Dewanto (HD): Heru Dewanto, President Director of Cirebon Power, an IPP company operating Supercritical coal fired power plant 660 MW and now constructing its expansion unit of 1000MW with Ultra Supercritical technology. The expansion unit is the first project who signed PPA among 35GW projects list…

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Benjamin Sporton, Chief Executive, World Coal Association

Published January 2017


Coaltrans Conferences (CC): Last year was a good year for coal, with prices finally recovering. As the CEO of the world’s primary association of coal miners, what’s the mood of the industry? Are executives confident that the gains of 2016 can be held this year?

Benjamin Sporton (BS): Coal continues to be the backbone of global electricity generation and still…

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Chris Walker, Sales, Marketing and Logistics Manager, Bengalla Mine

Published November 2016


Coaltrans Conferences (CC): Over the past few years there has been a lot of negativity about the long-term future of coal-fired power generation. Do you feel confident about continued coal demand from Asian economies?


Chris Walker (CW): The World Coal Association has spent significant time and energy (excuse the pun) to understand the long term view on coal.  Their assessment…

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